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Kemal Tahir who approach society development and alteration as highbrowed perspevtive is a witness who produce functional solution to his period’s problem. He tells sociable and moral conflics. His art shapes idea of Light Literalism. He give place to truth extent of good-evil, seeming-non visible and he reflect skew in social life. Artificer who prioritizes relation between individual and social corruption and residence from problematic aspect. The space in which survey and description in the foreground Kemal Tahir stories not topographic place but values arrangement that deterioration in relation. His place in stories are narrow not physical property but character feel him/herself tamped. Places are labyrinth although they are open/large in physical. In this work, it will be analysis that relation place of to be restricted, to be afraid, to be death and being corrupt layout labyrinth place’s oppressor, bordering function; its impact will be evaluated socilogical and psychoanalytic on small man who is exhausted from social and economic condition.

Kemal Tahir, story, place, labyrinth, small man, corruption.

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