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Images of gin, ghost, and fairy, giant are the imagines of boundary sensations and perceptions. Boundary sensation occurs with violating the symbolic and imaginary borders. Necip Fazıl’s direction is, like every poet, from daily life, symbolic and cultural space to imaginary space where rich, exotic and authentic sensations exist. Deficiencies which poet cannot find in symbolic-cultural sensations cause the sensations in this space. Poet sees deficiency in creature. This deficiency is poet’s desire. To fill this deficiency poet attributes new features to the creature. Thus, he gets an image by changing previous creature. Changed into imagine move away from being concept, turns into desire. The poet uses language while changing the creature. Language being a system of signifiers replaces creature. Signifier becomes image of hearing, signified becomes concept. In language signified is lost under signifier. Now, signified becomes a desire far from object and concept. Because, the signifier replaces the signified. In literary language, signifier which is lost under the signified turns into a signified again. Thus, every signifier under a signifier turns into a signified. It lasts forever. This reveals the desire of desire. Images such as gin, ghost, giant and fairy show not only boundary sensations. Each of them is signifier that turns signified into a signifier. These signifiers are authentic, exotic pleasures, wishes and desires at the lowest level of the system. These signifiers of boundary sensations change from signifier statue into signified ones when they are placed under the images like gin, ghost, and giant. Here remains fairy, ghost, giant, and gin signifier which are empty, independent from creature and covering it.

Poetry of Necip Fazıl, insanity, suspicion and fear in the poetry of Necip Fazıl.

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