The body, which is tabooed as the source of sin and shaped and presented as a machine, a tool, around different world perceptions, begins to be perceived in its own uniqueness in the modern and post-modern period. Transgressive writing, which reflects the (post)modern era's perception and lifestyle of life and people, also has its own unique body perception. After all, transgressive fiction, which is a branch of marginal discourse, is about lifestyles. Considering that reaching knowledge through experience rather than through dialectical reasoning is the underlying idea of crossing borders, it will be seen that the body has become a field for reaching knowledge with transgressive fiction. The fact that the original sin of Adam and Eve, and therefore humanity, is the first example of transgression and brings the body to the fore, constitutes one of the main centers of this study. In this article, rather than trying to define transgressive fiction, the appearance of the body in the face of destruction, its position in social life, its situation under control, its turning into an object by desire or fiction, and the ways it is reflected in the language are discussed with a text-oriented approach. This study can also be read as an effort to separate transgressive fiction from underground literature.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Body, transgressive fiction, modern Turkish literature, novel